A Road Trip For US

When the love and longing for travel has rooted in your soul, in your very core, it can sometimes feel overwhelming to look at a map and wonder when you will get a chance to see all those magnificent places. Despite the saying, this world isn’t so small after all. One way to make it seem smaller is to travel and bridge the gap between your own perspective and those of people and places you have never experienced. I have made it my life’s goal to bridge these gaps, to broaden my perspective so that I may develop wholesome and charitable views of this world.

Not too long ago I came to a realization about my goal. In my grand scheme to build bridges of growth and exploration around the world I often overlook the opportunity for experience here in my home country. Recent happenings in the US have left a sour taste for our home in many American’s mouths. A presidential election that insults our collective intelligence, police officers senselessly slaying unarmed African Americans, endless corporate greed and corruption, rampant consumerism and an overall lack of responsibility for our environment and fellow man. All this is enough to make me want to pack up and never come back. To seek out a quiet corner of the world far from shopping malls and high rises and live out my life in peace. But that’s not fair. It’s not fair to the people and the beauty of this great country, for it is us who constitute America. It is not our corrupt government or greedy corporations that define this nation, it is we the people and the beautiful landscapes we are lucky enough to call home.

With this realization I have turned my sites from escaping the US and plan to do the exact opposite. I plan to dive deep into this country and give myself to her. To surrender my comforts, cast off my bow lines and sail across her hills, plains and mountains in hopes of reconnecting with my homeland and finding the true beauty of my country that seems so shrouded by a haze of negativity as of late. To do so, my girlfriend Michelle and I will be living out of her 2008 Honda Element while we zig-zag out West stopping wherever our hearts desire. We plan to soak in as much beauty and positivity as we can and share it with you so that we may give your life an extra glimmer of hope and remind you and ourselves just how great this country is and always has been.

Here is a rough idea of our route. If you live anywhere on our way reach out to us, we would love to meet you!

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4 thoughts on “A Road Trip For US

  1. Jeremy, T1D traveler

    Go go Zach! This looks fun, and I think extended car travel with diabetes is something that isn’t discussed enough. I’m curious how you do and what you see.

    I’ve driven around the southwest and California some myself, but not for years. Next year I’m planning a three-month road trip all around the US to see the national parks. Your trip is only exciting me more.

    I like your motivations and your travel philosophy. Good luck and keep us posted.

    1. Travelbetic Post author

      Thanks Jeremy! It has been incredible so far! We bought the $80 Annual National Parks pass and it has paid for itself twice already in a week. I definitely suggest it. I will definitely be blogging about BG management on the road. It has been a bit tricky and all the anticipation and excitement makes it a little more challenging to stay tight on my numbers.

      1. Jeremy, T1D traveler

        Yes we are planning on buying the pass definitely. I’m curious about what you find a comfortable pace to be. And also how sitting in a car for long periods affects BG. I have done it a lot but not in a few years. Excited to hear about your trip and your experiences along the way!

      2. Travelbetic Post author

        We have been totally winging everything. Made minimal plans. If we like a spot we’ll stay for a couple nights if not we’re off to the next. Now in California, the pace is all up to mother nature and where she decides to throw us some surf