Road Tripping With T1D – Part 1 – New Mexico

Amongst the confusion, stress and worry that accompanied my diagnosis with type 1 diabetes 3 years ago, also dwelt concern for my ability to travel, to live carelessly, minimally and to let the world consume me, teach me and show me the way. No longer do I live with this concern. Insulin injections, blood sugar checks, CGM site changes and unprovoked mood swings be damned! After 3 years of balancing the duties of my pancreas with travel, I can say I am so consumed by this world, the road is my greatest teacher.

Michelle and I knew our daily routines were in desperate need of a change. Instead of searching high and low for new jobs we took the more extreme route, we dropped everything, built a bed in her car, moved into it and headed West.

I packed enough insulin for 4 months in a Frio Sleeve and tossed it in the cooler.  I grabbed enough test strips, needles, and juice boxes for armageddon and stuffed most of what we owned in Bill and aimed her North West. (Yes Bill is a she.)

We had no plans, no idea where to stay or why, just an itch to get out of where we were. To get out of dodge. Dodge in this case was Texas. A mighty big place for those of you who have somehow managed not to visit this huge chunk of earth. So getting out of dodge meant about 12 hours of pitch black driving.

After a marathon of ass hauling, or as much ass as Bill’s 4 banger could haul with all of our shit in it, we crossed the border and found ourselves in Albuquerque (or however you spell it).

So now what?

I was so tired and cranky after driving all night I was in no condition to decide what to eat for breakfast, much less what sort of adventures to embark on in this new place. Sleep is pertinent to a type 1 diabetic’s routine. We have enough issues staying awake during the day when getting 8 hours a night.

Michelle came to the rescue, found breakfast, cured my Zombie episode and took to Pinterest to educate us on the fun to be had in New Mexico.

Thanks Pinterest.

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One thought on “Road Tripping With T1D – Part 1 – New Mexico

  1. Jeremy, T1D traveler

    Looks like excellent fun! I’ll be on my own T1D road trip around them parts in a couple of months. Looking forward to figuring out sleep, blood sugar, food, and insulin storage like you guys.

    “Albuquerque or However You Spell It” would be a great title for a book after your trip 🙂