Welcome to Travelbetic, Allow Me to Introduce Myself

Hello and welcome to Travelbetic, my blog about life and travels with type 1 diabetes. I hope to inspire other type 1s to step out of their comfort zone and not allow their condition to keep them from enjoying this precious life. Travel sets me free. It gives me perspective and clarity to see my path ahead and I wish to share that vision with you. This site isn’t just for diabetics, my ramblings and insights may prove interesting to anyone intrigued by adventure or curious about the obstacles faced by those with type 1 diabetes.

So who am I? Whats my story? How did Travelbetic come to be? My name is Zach Toth and I am a 24 year old marketing professional currently living in Galveston, TX. Aside from trotting the globe chasing waves, I enjoy live music, yoga and producing electronica music. Check out my artist page here

When I was 14, my parents took me and my little brother to Costa Rica for our first international surf trip. Those warm pacific waves changed my life. Upon return to the States I begged my parents to uproot us from the grey concrete jungle of Houston and move to the beach. They eventually obliged and the rest is history. I have been surfing and chasing waves around the world ever since.

Anyone who has known me for awhile would tell you I was energetic, spontaneous and in great health. The first to jump at any opportunity for adventure and always living life to the fullest. So you can imagine the surprise amongst myself and those close to me when I went into diabetic ketoacidosis and was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes on my 22nd birthday.In the middle of my last year of college, deep in the care-free college party life, I had to make drastic changes. I switched from mostly fast food to an almost paleo diet, to lower my soaring A1C, quit drinking and rarely left my house. I lost 40 pounds in the previous months and had little energy to surf or go out. I distanced myself from many of my friends and began to feel lonely and depressed. My moods swung wildly as I fell into an uncertain future. Nagging at me was the thought of not being able to carry out all the crazy adventures in my head because I now had to carefully manage my diet and blood sugar and keep supplies and medications temperature regulated and close by all the time. Surfing became tricky and the idea of an extended backpacking trip seemed impossible.
With the help of my family I got my blood sugar under control and gained my energy back, feeling almost like my old self. My mother recently asked me, “do you ever feel like you did before you were diagnosed?” The answer is no. Diabetes is part of me now and it won’t let me be quite as care free as I was before. Not to mention I used to pee half as much as I do now.

But, in a way, type 1 diabetes has been a blessing in disguise. It is a reminder that our bodies are vessels for our souls and it is up to us to nurture them. To regulate what we consume and question the source of our nutrients. To practice moderation and patience. It is a constant reminder that life is not promised, that every person and every day are a blessing. Every finger prick and insulin injection is a sharp whisper in my ear, reminding me to do awesome things. Like start this blog!

Since my 22nd birthday I’ve surfed in Hawaii, Costa Rica and Mexico, hosteled and skied in Montreal and scored an artist badge to Wakarusa Music Festival. That nagging feeling of being held back by my diabetes is gone. Instead I feel motivated and inspired to live and love greater than before.

Having type 1 definitely adds a burden to many adventures. But with the right knowledge, gear and planning we can go anywhere and do anything this world offers. I am excited to share my experiences with you, both good and bad, in hopes that we can learn and grow together.


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9 thoughts on “Welcome to Travelbetic, Allow Me to Introduce Myself

  1. Scot Jolgren Sr

    Great story-I’m excited to read as you grow more and more educated with diabetes. I would love to share my own memories as well. Over time I will. I have 49 years of experiences both good and bad-all though have made me smarter.
    SRJ Sr.

    1. Travelbetic Post author

      Thanks for commenting Scot! I would love to hear more about your life experiences with diabetes! I continue to learn more and grow stronger everyday thanks to the help of fellow diabadasses like yourself. Look forward to connecting more,


  2. Ela Tropea

    WOW, Zach.. I had no idea about the difficulties of diabetes.. And the fragile balance it takes to control.. Or how it could affect you being a traveler. I also had no idea you were a diabetic the way you live so free and how healthy you look. The trials you are overcoming and inspiring others with brought tears to my eyes as I read this. I know we’ve only meet a few times, but I’ve never had anyone close to me be so open and informational about this dis-ease. You are so blessed to have such a supportive family who encourages you to define yourself by your character instead of your challenges. This is a really great thing you’re doing. ? I look forward to reading more.

  3. Jeremy (70-130)

    Hi Zach,

    Glad to find your blog! I’m looking forward to your thoughts; you’re a really good writer and you love traveling like me 🙂

    I wonder how different it is being diagnosed at 22 rather than 9 like me. Seems like it’d be harder for you to get used to it… maybe?

    1. travelbetic

      Definitely been tough getting used to it. But in a way i think it might have been a bit easier for me since i was already relatively responsible for my own health when i was diagnosed. It must have been intense on your family being diagnosed so young. I definitely think I have a somewhat unique perspective on the disease having only had it for a couple years and am very eager to share my perspective with my fellow T1D soldiers. I look forward to connecting with you further and following your travels! Cheers!

  4. Susan

    Wow very inspiring Zach! I am a glad you are taking this opportunity to do this and hope it helps many other diabetics that are dealing and trying to cope with this illness. You have left me with a warm spot of hope for my daughter and you and many others we know that…Life goes on after diabetes!!! Thanks for sharing!!!

  5. thesweetadventurer

    Awesome read! So much resonates with my experience and it’s always great to read about others who aren’t denying the changes that diabetes brings but learning from them. Excited to read more!