Looking Back

While traveling, I am at a constant debate whether or not to journal or document my adventures.  On one hand it’s great to have words, pictures and videos to look back at, on the other hand, I feel a camera distracts from the present experience and I hate being constantly connected to my smart phone. When I do look back at photos and videos I only remember the bits that I bothered to capture, other pieces of the story falling between the cracks of my memory.

I used to think by truly being present in a moment and fully engulfed in an experience that my mind alone would breed life-long, wholesome memories. While I still believe that, despite my memory getting worse, this blog has given me new reason to capture my adventures, to share them with you!

On my past trips I sporadically documented bits and pieces here and there. As I wallow in wanderlust, going through hard drives of old photos and GoPro footage, I can only wish I had captured more to fill in the cracks. I realize now more than ever that words, images and video ignite a spark in our memories, bringing forth strong recollections that memory alone can’t compare to. That spark makes capturing an adventure worth lugging around a camera and spending nights cooped up in the hostel organizing files.

So here’s to better documentation of my travels! A little lookback on the last couple years of traveling with type 1 diabetes. Destinations include Costa Rica, Hawaii, Mexico, Ozark Arkansas, Wakarusa and Euphoria Fest.

How do you feel about documenting your travels? Do you photograph everything and write down experiences? Or do you let your mind take care of the memories? Leave a comment below!

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One thought on “Looking Back

  1. Jeremy Larsen

    In the modern world, even a luddite like me realizes that it’s best to document things, and take the trouble to bring technology like a camera with you.

    I once spent a month in Scandinavia and took no camera at all, because I wanted to *experience* everything with my brain. Well I did, and it was great, but I wish I had photos of the people I met and the places I went.

    Besides, getting photos and videos means you have something to put on and reach other diabetics and thrillseekers.

    Good article, it makes me think. Very excellent video too!