Where Would I be Without You, Mom?

Literally none of us would be here without our mothers, thats a given, but I owe mine the universe and more. I wouldn’t be near the human I am today without the unwavering support and guidance of the woman that birthed me. Through all of my outlandish plans, battles against authority, conspiracy theories, hospital trips and bouts of every emotional extreme on the spectrum, this wonderful woman has always stood by me with her concerned yet accepting smile. All of my success in this life, all the places I have seen, all the cultures I have experienced and lessons I have learned are thanks to you, mom.

As far as parents go I am as blessed as it gets. These two have somehow put up with each other for 25 years. Their 25th anniversary was in April, my 25th birthday is in December… They deserve a couple spots in the parenting hall of fame.

Rents ACL

My parents at ACL fest. See where I get it from?

Rents Wedding

When I was diagnosed with type 1 my amazing mother drove over four hours to pick me up and rush me to an ER so I could be close to her and my family. When the ICU was too full and the doctors had to treat me in the ER she stayed in that tiny room with me, curled up in that awful chair for five days. She has been there every step of the way since. Helping me wage this never ending battle against diabetes. I honestly don’t believe I would be as in control of my health if it wasn’t for her.

After my diagnosis I was antsy to get back out into the world, my mother was terrified. She felt enough fear and concern for the both of us, allowing me to focus on pursuing my dreams. Read more about her overcoming her fears here. Since accepting the fact that I will continue to follow my passions no matter what, my mom has lent a guiding yet skeptical hand. Keeping me focused on my goals yet grounded and of stable mind.

Fam at Waka

The Fam at Wakarusa Festival

This blog would’t exist without my mom. She is the one that pushed me to connect with other people with diabetes online and share my story. She is the one that convinced me my story is worth telling and that I may be able to inspire others. She pushes me everyday to write, share and grow so that I may live the life of my dreams.

I don’t say it enough. Honestly I don’t believe there are enough words in any language to express it to the extent that I feel it, but I love you mom and I owe you everything. I am a piece of you, everything that is good in me comes from you.


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