Yaga’s Wild Game Cook Off – A Protein Paradise

One of Galveston’s most anticipated events every year is the Yaga’s Children’s Fund Wild Game Cook Off. Professional pit masters travel from all over Texas to compete in the charity competition. Since its start in 1997 the cook off has raised over 1 million dollars for the Yaga’s Children’s fund benefitting Galveston County children’s charities.

Despite being a charity event, the competition is fierce and these teams take their meat seriously. Each team competes for bragging rights for the best brisket, ribs, chicken, sea food, wild game and other categories.

Talk about a protein paradise! There was hardly a carb in site. My insulin pens felt lonely and unneeded all day. I was in heaven hanging out in the judging booth, snapping photos and eating all the left overs. My camera sometimes awards me special treatment. I was offered free beers and food by teams just for grabbing a couple shots. (I hope I included everyone below that hooked me up.)

Enjoy these photos from the 20th Annual Wild Game Cook Off and try your best not to be hungry afterwards.

Wild Game

This year’s Cook Off was dedicated by many to the HogFather himself, our friend and bad ass guardian angel, Craig Rose

Wild Game-3

Craig was the realest guy around. There is no one on this planet quite like this incredible human. RIP Brother.

Wild Game-2



Wild Game-22



Wild Game-25

Wise words of Mr. Rose

Wild Game-29

Wild Game-5

These teams aren’t playing around. Some of the set ups were insane!

Wild Game-7

Wild Game-40

What’s an event without some live music?

Wild Game-30

These kids rocked!

Wild Game-41

The teams stay out all night prepping their food. There is no telling what goes down after dark, well this may give you an idea…

Wild Game-16

Let the judging begin!

Wild Game-19 Wild Game-18 Wild Game-15 Wild Game-14 Wild Game-12

Wild Game-21

Judging looked tough, everything was delicious!

Wild Game-13 Wild Game-11 Wild Game-10 Wild Game-6 Wild Game-33

Wild Game-38

The prize!

See you at next year’s Wild Game Cook Off!

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