Hiking the Grand Canyon with Type 1 Diabetes

Hiking the South Kaibab Trail Into the Grand Canyon with Type 1 Diabetes


Type 1 diabetes shouldn’t stop you from anything, especially not from hiking into the most beautiful place I have ever been, the Grand Canyon! Hiking the Grand Canyon with type 1 diabetes doesn’t require any special preparation aside from the basic stocking up on plenty of sugary snacks, granola bars and tons of water. Be sure to eat a solid meal with lots of protein to prolong the absorption of insulin during the hike. As you go down, the temperature goes up and heat can increase insulin sensitivity causing low blood sugars.

The South Kaibab Trail is pretty strenuous and varies in difficulty depending on how far you are planning to hike. We opted to make it all the way down to Skeleton Point, about a 7 hour round trip trek. I would rate this as a moderately difficult hike, with the return trip back up the canyon obviously posing a bit more difficulty.

Michelle and I both agree this was the best day of our 3 month road trip. I believe the pictures explain why much better than any words possibly could.

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